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Azure DevOps security as Code

Accompanied source code can be found here. A while ago, I have written an application that could simplify managing Azure DevOps security. The idea was that one could define bunch of YAML file that describes numerous security aspect for an Azure DevOps project (for example, security for teams, build and release folders, repositories etc.) and… Continue reading Azure DevOps security as Code

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Accelerate Governance with Deployment Environments

I am super excited to explore and learn this new Azure capability: Azure Deployment Environment.   Azure Deployment Environments empowers development teams to quickly and easily spin-up app infrastructure with project-based templates that establish consistency and best practices while maximizing security, compliance, and cost efficiency. This on-demand access to secure environments accelerates the different stages… Continue reading Accelerate Governance with Deployment Environments

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Demystifying Azure Container Apps & Dapr – Part 1

I have played with Dapr on Kubernetes (AKS to be specific) before and loved it for its ability to simplify distributed applications development with out of the box binding, service to service communications, secret abstractions, actors and observabilities. I have previously worked with LinkerD and Istio as service mesh and ran workload in production, but… Continue reading Demystifying Azure Container Apps & Dapr – Part 1

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Empower Kubernetes developers with guardrails

Background A while ago, I wrote a post: Azure DevOps Multi-Stage pipelines for Enterprise AKS scenarios. The idea was having a platform team that enforces best practices, security and other compliance aspects to Kubernetes platform and allows one ore more workload-teams (i.e., product teams) build and deploy their workload into the cluster. The previous post suggested… Continue reading Empower Kubernetes developers with guardrails

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Azure Resource Governance with Template Specs & Biceps

All the example codes are available in GitHub. Background Governance of cloud estates is challenging for businesses. It’s crucial to enforce security policies, workload redundancies, uniformity (such as naming conventions), simplify deployments with packaged artifacts (i.e., ARM templates), Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) across the enterprise. Generally, the idea is, a centralized team (sometimes… Continue reading Azure Resource Governance with Template Specs & Biceps

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Azure AD App via ARM Template Deployment Scripts

Background ARM templates offer a great way to define resources and deploy them. However, ARM templates didn’t have any support to invoke or run scripts. If we wanted to carry out some operations as part of the deployment (Azure AD app registrations, Certificate generations, copy data to/from another system etc.) we had to create pre… Continue reading Azure AD App via ARM Template Deployment Scripts

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Linkerd in Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

In this article I would document my journey on setting up Linkerd Service Mesh on Azure Kubernetes service. Background I have a tiny Kubernetes cluster. I run some workload there, some are useful, others are just try-out, fun stuffs. I have few services that need to talk to each other. I do not have a… Continue reading Linkerd in Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

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CloudOven – Terraform at ease!

TL;DR: URL: CloudOven  Use Google account or sign-up  Google Chrome please! (I've not tested on other browsers yet) Background In recent years I have spent fair amount of time in design and implementation of Infrastructure as code in larger enterprise context. Terraform seemed to be a tool of choice when it comes to preserve the… Continue reading CloudOven – Terraform at ease!

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Azure template to provision Docker swarm mode cluster

What is a swarm?The cluster management and orchestration features embedded in the Docker Engine are built using SwarmKit. Docker engines participating in a cluster are running in swarm mode. You enable swarm mode for an engine by either initializing a swarm or joining an existing swarm. A swarm is a cluster of Docker engines, or… Continue reading Azure template to provision Docker swarm mode cluster

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IAC – Using Azure RM templates

As cloud Software development heavily leverages virtualized systems and developers have started using Continuous Integration (CI), many things have started to change. The number of environment developers have to deal with has gone up significantly. Developers now release much frequently, in many cases, multiple times in a single day. All these releases has to be… Continue reading IAC – Using Azure RM templates