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Demystifying Azure Container Apps & Dapr – Part 5

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here. Today I will be using the traffic-splitting capability of Azure Container Apps. Azure Container Apps implements container app versioning by creating revisions. A revision is an immutable snapshot of a container app version. Revisions in Azure Container App The… Continue reading Demystifying Azure Container Apps & Dapr – Part 5

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Folder structure for Azure DevOps repositories

Recently I was helping an enterprise where they have large number of repositories in Azure DevOps projects and wanted to have a folder hierarchies to ease the navigation. Azure pipelines have folder structures but there is no feature at this point to organize repositories into folders. There is a open feature request about it already.… Continue reading Folder structure for Azure DevOps repositories

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Access Control management via REST API – Azure Data Lake Gen 2

Background A while ago, I have built an web-based self-service portal that facilitated multiple teams in the organisation, setting up their Access Control (ACLs) for corresponding data lake folders. The portal application was targeting Azure Data Lake Gen 1. Recently I wanted to achieve the same but on Azure Data Lake Gen 2. At the… Continue reading Access Control management via REST API – Azure Data Lake Gen 2

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OpenSSL as Service

OpenSSL is awesome! Though, requires little manual work to remember all the commands, executing them in a machine that has OpenSSL installed. In this post, I'm about to build an HTTP API over OpenSSL, with the most commonly used commands (and the possibility to extend it further - as required). This will help folks who… Continue reading OpenSSL as Service