Self-Hosted Azure DevOps pool on Azure Container Apps

A while ago, I have worked with few of our customers, helping to build elastic self-hosted pool for their Azure DevOps pipeline agents based on Azure Kubernetes Service. You can read all about that journey here - where I have created a Kubernetes Controller that observes the Job queue of Azure DevOps for incoming pipeline … Continue reading Self-Hosted Azure DevOps pool on Azure Container Apps

Empower Kubernetes developers with guardrails

Background A while ago, I wrote a post: Azure DevOps Multi-Stage pipelines for Enterprise AKS scenarios. The idea was having a platform team that enforces best practices, security and other compliance aspects to Kubernetes platform and allows one ore more workload-teams (i.e., product teams) build and deploy their workload into the cluster. The previous post suggested … Continue reading Empower Kubernetes developers with guardrails