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Self-Hosted Azure DevOps pool on Azure Container Apps

A while ago, I have worked with few of our customers, helping to build elastic self-hosted pool for their Azure DevOps pipeline agents based on Azure Kubernetes Service. You can read all about that journey here - where I have created a Kubernetes Controller that observes the Job queue of Azure DevOps for incoming pipeline… Continue reading Self-Hosted Azure DevOps pool on Azure Container Apps

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Demystifying Azure Container Apps & Dapr – Part 4

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Last time, I wrote the backend service (JobListener) which gets triggered by the Dapr pubsub whenever an image is uploaded into the designated blob container in the storage account. It then uses Computer Vision APIs to do the image recognition. Today we will… Continue reading Demystifying Azure Container Apps & Dapr – Part 4

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Empower Kubernetes developers with guardrails

Background A while ago, I wrote a post: Azure DevOps Multi-Stage pipelines for Enterprise AKS scenarios. The idea was having a platform team that enforces best practices, security and other compliance aspects to Kubernetes platform and allows one ore more workload-teams (i.e., product teams) build and deploy their workload into the cluster. The previous post suggested… Continue reading Empower Kubernetes developers with guardrails