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Azure DevOps security as Code

Accompanied source code can be found here. A while ago, I have written an application that could simplify managing Azure DevOps security. The idea was that one could define bunch of YAML file that describes numerous security aspect for an Azure DevOps project (for example, security for teams, build and release folders, repositories etc.) and… Continue reading Azure DevOps security as Code

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Azure AD App via ARM Template Deployment Scripts

Background ARM templates offer a great way to define resources and deploy them. However, ARM templates didn’t have any support to invoke or run scripts. If we wanted to carry out some operations as part of the deployment (Azure AD app registrations, Certificate generations, copy data to/from another system etc.) we had to create pre… Continue reading Azure AD App via ARM Template Deployment Scripts

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Terraforming Azure DevOps

Background In many organizations, specially in large enterprises there’s a need to automate Azure DevOps projects and Teams members. Manually managing large number of Azure DevOps projects, Teams for these projects and users to the teams, on-boarding and off-boarding team members are not trivial. Besides managing the users sometimes, we just need to have an… Continue reading Terraforming Azure DevOps

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Linkerd in Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

In this article I would document my journey on setting up Linkerd Service Mesh on Azure Kubernetes service. Background I have a tiny Kubernetes cluster. I run some workload there, some are useful, others are just try-out, fun stuffs. I have few services that need to talk to each other. I do not have a… Continue reading Linkerd in Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

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CloudOven – Terraform at ease!

TL;DR: URL: CloudOven  Use Google account or sign-up  Google Chrome please! (I've not tested on other browsers yet) Background In recent years I have spent fair amount of time in design and implementation of Infrastructure as code in larger enterprise context. Terraform seemed to be a tool of choice when it comes to preserve the… Continue reading CloudOven – Terraform at ease!

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Continuously deploy Blazor SPA to Azure Storage static web site

Lately I am learning ASP.net Blazor – the relatively new UI framework from Microsoft. Blazor is just awesome – the ability to write c# code both in server and client side is extremely productive for .net developers. From Blazor documentations: Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor apps are composed… Continue reading Continuously deploy Blazor SPA to Azure Storage static web site

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OpenSSL as Service

OpenSSL is awesome! Though, requires little manual work to remember all the commands, executing them in a machine that has OpenSSL installed. In this post, I'm about to build an HTTP API over OpenSSL, with the most commonly used commands (and the possibility to extend it further - as required). This will help folks who… Continue reading OpenSSL as Service

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Azure Web App – Removing IP Restrictions

Azure Web App allows us to configure IP Restrictions (same goes for Azure Functions, API apps) . This allows us to define a priority ordered allow/deny list of IP addresses as access rules for our app. The allow list can include IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Source: MSDN Developers often run into scenarios when they want to… Continue reading Azure Web App – Removing IP Restrictions

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CQRS and ES on Azure Table Storage

Lately I was playing with Event Sourcing and command query responsibility segregation (aka CQRS) pattern on Azure Table storage. Thought of creating a lightweight library that facilitates writing such applications. I ended up with a Nuget package to do this. here is the GitHub Repository. A lightweight CQRS supporting library with Event Store based on… Continue reading CQRS and ES on Azure Table Storage