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Terraforming Azure DevOps

Background In many organizations, specially in large enterprises there’s a need to automate Azure DevOps projects and Teams members. Manually managing large number of Azure DevOps projects, Teams for these projects and users to the teams, on-boarding and off-boarding team members are not trivial. Besides managing the users sometimes, we just need to have an… Continue reading Terraforming Azure DevOps

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CloudOven – Terraform at ease!

TL;DR: URL: CloudOven  Use Google account or sign-up  Google Chrome please! (I've not tested on other browsers yet) Background In recent years I have spent fair amount of time in design and implementation of Infrastructure as code in larger enterprise context. Terraform seemed to be a tool of choice when it comes to preserve the… Continue reading CloudOven – Terraform at ease!

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Azure template to provision Docker swarm mode cluster

What is a swarm?The cluster management and orchestration features embedded in the Docker Engine are built using SwarmKit. Docker engines participating in a cluster are running in swarm mode. You enable swarm mode for an engine by either initializing a swarm or joining an existing swarm. A swarm is a cluster of Docker engines, or… Continue reading Azure template to provision Docker swarm mode cluster

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IAC – Using Azure RM templates

As cloud Software development heavily leverages virtualized systems and developers have started using Continuous Integration (CI), many things have started to change. The number of environment developers have to deal with has gone up significantly. Developers now release much frequently, in many cases, multiple times in a single day. All these releases has to be… Continue reading IAC – Using Azure RM templates