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Access Control management via REST API – Azure Data Lake Gen 2

Background A while ago, I have built an web-based self-service portal that facilitated multiple teams in the organisation, setting up their Access Control (ACLs) for corresponding data lake folders. The portal application was targeting Azure Data Lake Gen 1. Recently I wanted to achieve the same but on Azure Data Lake Gen 2. At the… Continue reading Access Control management via REST API – Azure Data Lake Gen 2

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Inter-process communication on Windows Containers

Background Legacy monolith applications that are built to run on single beefy server can take advantage of containers to simplify the deployment model and also potentially opens possibility to re-architect piece by piece without triggering a complete rewrite. I ran into a scenario where I am considering wrap up a large monolith (with many threads… Continue reading Inter-process communication on Windows Containers

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CloudOven – Terraform at ease!

TL;DR: URL: CloudOven  Use Google account or sign-up  Google Chrome please! (I've not tested on other browsers yet) Background In recent years I have spent fair amount of time in design and implementation of Infrastructure as code in larger enterprise context. Terraform seemed to be a tool of choice when it comes to preserve the… Continue reading CloudOven – Terraform at ease!

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Continuously deploy Blazor SPA to Azure Storage static web site

Lately I am learning ASP.net Blazor – the relatively new UI framework from Microsoft. Blazor is just awesome – the ability to write c# code both in server and client side is extremely productive for .net developers. From Blazor documentations: Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor apps are composed… Continue reading Continuously deploy Blazor SPA to Azure Storage static web site

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OpenSSL as Service

OpenSSL is awesome! Though, requires little manual work to remember all the commands, executing them in a machine that has OpenSSL installed. In this post, I'm about to build an HTTP API over OpenSSL, with the most commonly used commands (and the possibility to extend it further - as required). This will help folks who… Continue reading OpenSSL as Service

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Resilient Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) Jobs with Azure Functions

Azure Data Lake Analytics is an on-demand analytics job service that allows writing queries to transform data and grab insights efficiently. The analytics service can handle jobs of any scale instantly by setting the dial for how much power you need. In many organizations, these jobs could play a crucial role and reliability of these… Continue reading Resilient Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) Jobs with Azure Functions

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Deploying Azure web job written in .net core

Lately I have written a .net core web job and wanted to publish it via CD (continuous deployment) from Visual Studio Online. Soon I figured, Azure Web Job SDK doesn’t support (yet) .net core. The work I expected will take 10 mins took about an hour. If you are also figuring out this, this blog… Continue reading Deploying Azure web job written in .net core

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CQRS and ES on Azure Table Storage

Lately I was playing with Event Sourcing and command query responsibility segregation (aka CQRS) pattern on Azure Table storage. Thought of creating a lightweight library that facilitates writing such applications. I ended up with a Nuget package to do this. here is the GitHub Repository. A lightweight CQRS supporting library with Event Store based on… Continue reading CQRS and ES on Azure Table Storage


Prompt for Save changes in MMC 3.0 Application (C#)

Microsoft Management Console 3.0 is a managed platform to write and host application inside the standard Windows configuration console. It provides a simple, consistent and integrated management user interface and administrative console. In one of the product I am currently working with uses this MMC SDK. We used it to develop the configuration panel of… Continue reading Prompt for Save changes in MMC 3.0 Application (C#)